Hair stylist/Owner

My name is Enza, one half of Olenza Beauty Loft. I began my career in 1991, the same year I moved to Canada from Italy. After 24 years of hard work and dedication to my craft, I decided to take on the role of being part owner of the salon that gave me my start. Through my many years of experience I have become an expert in hairstyling, colouring, updos, curly and wavy hair, extensions and all other forms of hair care. I am so proud of how far I've been able to take my passion. I hope to create a beautiful environment for my clients while continuing to be part of their special memories, occasions and everyday lives.


Hair Stylist

Hi there, my name is Neerala. Since I was a young girl I always looked for ways to be creative and make things around me more beautiful. After graduation from Marvel Beauty School, I immediately began working for Rico Bumbaca, the predecessor of Olenza Beauty Loft. He quickly became my mentor and I obtained invaluable insight into the art of hairstyling. With years of practice, caring for many different different clients and their unique hair types, I have refined my skills to a level of which I am most proud. I enjoy collaborating with my team and working with clients to give them the best results. It gives me great personal satisfaction to experience the joy of seeing my clients leave the salon confident and excited for their fresh hairstyle and I am looking forward to doing the same for you.



Hello, my name is Olivera. I am an aesthetician and co-owner at Olenza Beauty Loft. With over 15 years of experience as a skin therapist, my mission remains the same which is to help others feel confident in their skin! Whether you are looking for a glow-up before an event, or longer term solutions for uneven pigmentation, acne or premature aging, I can give advice and perform treatments that can help. I recommend starting with a customized facial where I will personalize a treatment perfect for you. I can create an easy home skin care routine for you. I perform advanced treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling and laser. Book a customized facial with me today! I can't wait to help you feel good in your skin.


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist




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